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The on-line Elsklo furnaces catalogue includes detailed information about the whole production scale of laboratory and industrial furnaces and kilns.
If you can not find exactly the furnace/kiln type you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to offer you a custom type.

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The calalogue is updated continuously. Subject to alternations.

Randomly chosen furnace

  1. rkzv-otevrena-1k.jpg RKZV - Bogie hearth furnace with air circulation [Tmax. 1200°C / 800°C]

    • bogie hearth furnace with air circulation and controled active cooling • designed for heat treatment of various materials – e.g. annealing of casts or weldments • air circulation operation up to 800°C • easy to remove fans allow static atmosphere operation up to 1200°C • state of the art original... more information »

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