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rktlts-1-lt.jpg easy operationhigh performancequality&reliabilityenergy efficient


Tmax. 1100 °C

Tilting electrical crucible furnaces for melting and holding of Al/Cu alloys

  • robust, durable construction of the furnace for heavy duty foundry plants
  • stepless hydraulic tilting, joystick controller, adjustable speed
  • manual tilting mode in case of power failure
  • non-flammable hydraulic fluid Ultra-Safe
  • furnace chamber made of heavy duty cast concrete heating panels
  • emergency drain hole, cast concrete sloped bottom
  • manually operated chamber lid – fibre material insulation
  • uniform heat field and high quality optimized insulation provide high melting rate
  • preformed fibre insulation modules compensate thermal contraction effect
  • automatic temperature controll – quality controller JUMO
  • temperature measured in the T/C pocket of the crucible
  • quality, high power and reliable Elsklo heating panels with long lifetime – easy to replace without removing the crucible
  • top quality electrical components, engineering and workmanship
  • multi-step power switching of the furnace heating system when higher power installed (over 65kW)
  • overheating protection by standalone limit unit and thermocouple
  • backup temperature control (in case of main thermocouple failure) using standalone limit unit and thermocouple
  • on wall mounted switchgear, standard cabling 5m

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