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Elsklo Ltd.
industrial furnaces and spare heating systems­

Industrial and laboratory furnaces

Wide range of furnaces for various aplications

Highest quality and reliability

Recent production technologies and materials

Superb quality of electric equipment

Complete service

Control and monitoring systems

Fast deliveries of the highest quality spare parts

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  1. LNT - Universal laboratory and heat treatment kiln LNT [Tmax. 1320 °C]

    p-lnt-lf.jpg • universal kiln for heat treatment of various materials up to 1320°C • metal hardening, annealing, tempering • ceramics firing • glass colors firing • suitable for laboratories • heated from sidewalls, uniform temperature field more information »

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Elsklo furnaces and kilns


We produce a wide range of industrial and laboratory furnaces and kilns, electric (resistance) or gas fired. We deliver furnaces for various technologies - heat treatment of metals (hardening, annealing and other technologies), glass (glass pots heat-up, glass cooling, glass colors burnout, etc.) and ceramics, for non-ferrous metals melting and holding, etc. We produce chamber and wagon furnaces, shaft and bell type furnaces, continuous belt furnaces, crucible furnaces and other designs. We also design and deliver special types of custom made furnaces. For the complete product range, see our furnaces catalogue.



We have been producing idustrial and laboratory furnaces and kilns since establishing our company in 1990. Our employees have major experience in design, production and aplication of industrial and laboratory furnaces and kilns and also with other industial heating systems.

Quality guarantee


For the production of furnaces we take advantage of logtime major experience and proved designs. We apply the up-to-date production technologies and materials, the furnaces are equipped with top-quality electrical and mechanical components, the heating systems of the furnaces are produced according to the Kanthal's authorized manufacturing procedures and technologies. The complete process of design and production is held under the certified ISO 9001:2001 quality management system, all of our products are CE marked and comply all corresponding standards.



We provide warranty service and complete maintenace of our furnaces and kilns. Further we offer reconstructions, modernization and repairs of furnaces and kilns of other producers. We offer partial renovation of heating sytems, lining, electric and temperature measuring equipment of all furnaces. We perform temperature measuring systems calibration. We deliver top-quality spare parts. For further informations, please see Furnaces service & maintenance.

Spare heating elements


We produce spare heating elements from Kanthal materials for our furnaces as well as for furnaces of all other producers. The heating elements are designed and produced according to Kanthal's authorized design and production technologies. We also deliver ceramic items, e.g. support tubes, hooks, etc. Please, see detailed information about Spare heating elements production.


Al / Cu

Since establishing our company in 1990, we have delivered more than 800 furnaces and kilns in the temperature range 200-1800 °C. We have also delivered furnaces and kilns to other European countries, e.g. Poland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Finland, etc. and non-european countries such as India, Kenya and Brazil. Please, find detailed references for each furnace type in our on-line catalogue.

Relevant deliveries

We design and deliver monitoring and control computer systems for furnaces. Technological data acquisition, evaluation and archiving, IT infrastructure connectivity. For more information please visit the Electric equipment for industries section.

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