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Elsklo Ltd.
industrial furnaces and spare heating systems­

Furnaces service & maintenance

Reference projects

General repair of insulation and heating system of bogie-hearth furnace

General repair of electrically heated retort bell-type furnace with air-circulation

Reference projects Reference projects Reference projects

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Service, maintenace, repairs and reconstruction of industrial furnaces

Elsklo Ltd. has over 18 years of experience in laboratory and industrial furnaces, kilns and industrial heating systems design and production. Major experience, specialization and competence of Elsklo engineers along with highest quality materials, recent technologies and workmanship are the quality qurantee. We provide general repairs and reconstructions of industrial furnaces, partial repairs of heating systems, insulation and electric equipment. We offer optimal sollution for various problems. As an authorized workshop of KANTHAL we produce metal heating elements and install original Kanthal heating systems.

We provide:

  • repairs of heating systems of electric resistance furnaces and kilns - on-site repairs, spare parts deliveries, general repairs
  • repairs of insulation and lining of foundry gas melters, repairs and maintenance of crucible furnaces for non-ferrous plants
  • modernization of gas heated furnaces - Single Ended Recuperative gas burner Kanthal Ecothal - high efficiency, low emissions, energy savings, low maintenance costs, modular system
  • repairs of insulation and lining of industrial chamber furnaces, boogie hearth funaces (heat resistant casted conrete)
  • repairs and modernization of electric equipment of industrial furnaces incl. temperature control&measuring systems, PID temperature control, PLC technology control, thyristor power control, SCADA systems
  • project, engineering and installation of original KANTHAL heating systems - Fibrothal, Tubothal, Ecothal-SER, etc.

We deliver:

  • metalic heating elements for electric resistance furnaces and kilns - coil elements, meander shaped elements, tube elements, air heating cassetes, heating panels, InfraRed heaters, etc.
  • heat resistant insulation materials - lightweight bricks, mortars, concrete, Silicon Carbide products, fiber insulation materials - mats, plates, preformed modules, Kanthal Fibrothal system, etc.
  • ceramic support elements - tubes for heating coils, rods, hooks, protection tubes for thermocouples
  • thermocouples, temperature controllers, compenzating leads, A/D temperature converters and complete asortment of spare parts for electric equipment of industrial furnaces and kilns


  • project design and realization of general repairs of industrial furnaces
  • calibration of temperature measuring systems and components
  • temperature field uniformity measurement
  • consultancy

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