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General repair of insulation and heating system of bogie-hearth furnace

General repair of electrically heated retort bell-type furnace with air-circulation

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General repair of electrically heated retort bell-type furnace with air-circulation

Original tech. specifications

  • technology: annealing casts and weldments after quenching
  • inner retort with air circulation propeller
  • maximum technological temperature: 700°C
  • usable inside dimensions : 1800x1600x2500 mm [WxHxD]
  • installed heating power: 216kW, 2 control zones, contactor power control
  • heating system: NiCr wire coil shaped heating elements on ceramic tubes
  • heat insulation: fibre material mats


  • short life span of the heating system – corrosion and shape deformations of heating elements, breaking of ceramic tubes, shape deformations of heating elements suspension system
  • damages and loosening of insulation
  • because of above reasons – frequent repairs and thus low production capacity
  • energy losses
  • unsuitable power control system

Repair solution
According to the customers requirement, the usable inside dimensions and heating power distribution have been preserved.
After transporting the furnace to Elsklo production plant: removal of the original retort, heating system, insulation and seals. Installation of KANTHAL Fibrothal R.O.B. Heating and insulation system. Roof insulation from RATH pre-formed high grade fibre insulation modules. Manufacturing and installation of new propeller and inner retort.
Thyristor power control system delivered by local supplier.

Significant after repair improvements

  • maintenance-free heating and insulation system
  • lower energy consumption: furnace surface temperature lowered by 15°C
  • increased production capacity: no maintenance and repair shut-downs
  • repair investment return: ca. 1,5 year

Out of operation: 14 days.
Customer: Foundry and machine-works, Germany.
Realization: 2009

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