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General repair of insulation and heating system of bogie-hearth furnace

General repair of electrically heated retort bell-type furnace with air-circulation

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General repair of insulation and heating system of bogie-hearth furnace

Original tech. specifications

  • technology: annealing, hardening, tempering
  • maximum process temperature: 1050°C
  • usable inside dimensions: 2500x2500x6000 mm [WxHxD]
  • installed heating power: 400 kW, 3 control zones, thyristor power control
  • heating system: meander shape heating elements, NiCr strip, hanging on hooks, all sides heated, incl. bogie and ceiling
  • insulation: heat resistant fibre material mats
  • bogie: concrete shaped pieces on lightweight brick bedding, max. load 10 tons


  1. Short lifetime of heating elements.
  2. Loosening of hooks holding the heating elements.
  3. Loosening of the soft insulation layers.
  4. The neccesity of frequent repairs, consequently out of service periods.

The sollution
According to the customers requirement we have preserved the usable inside dimensions and heating power distribution.
The original insulation and heating system was removed and replaced by the original KANTHAL Fibrothal heating and insulation system. The heating elements are made from KANTHAL AF heating wire diameter 8,5 mm. For the bogie we have used direct concrete casting and pre-casted concrete pieces.
Out of operation: 12 days
Customer: Metalworks, Austria
Realization: 2 furnaces in 2008, 1 furnace in 2009, 1 furnace in 2010

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