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  1. rkzv-otevrena-1k.jpg RKZV - Bogie hearth furnace with air circulation [Tmax. 1200°C / 800°C]

    • bogie hearth furnace with air circulation and controled active cooling • designed for heat treatment of various materials – e.g. annealing of casts or weldments • air circulation operation up to 800°C • easy to remove fans allow static atmosphere operation up to 1200°C • state of the art original... more information »

  2. rsv-otevrena-ii-2x.jpg RSV - Electric heat treatment chamber furnace with air circulation [Tmax. 500 °C]

    • chamber furnace with air circulation • suitable for heat treatment of various materials • heated with Elsklo air heating cassettes • air circulation – 2 fans, 2m/sec • optimal temperature field uniformity • electromechanical lift-door • custom dimensions more information »

  3. p-rs-n8.jpg RS - Firing and annealing kilns for glass [Tmax. 600 °C]

    • for burning various types of glass colours up to 600°C • glass heat treatment – e.g. annealing, firing • suitable technologies for ceramic, metal and other materials • precise temperature control • static atmosphere • cross ventilation • manually cotrolled chimney valve and air inlet in the... more information »

  4. p-mf5-2e-1-59.jpg MF5 - Laboratory muffle kiln [Tmax. 1100 °C]

    • universal muffle kiln for heat treatment of various materials • suitable for laboratories, e.g. dental • good temperature uniformity • SiC muffle • static atmosphere • aside opened manual door – pantograph system more information »

  5. i-rkz-1e.jpg RKZ - Universal heat-treatment chamber furnace [Tmax. 1320 °C]

    • universal chamber furnace for heat-treatment of various materials up to 1320°C • suitable for hardening, annealing of metal etc. • other materials heat treatment – e.g. ceramics, glass • uniform temperature field, 1 controll zone • static atmosphere • lift door with counterweight, easy... more information »

  6. p-lnt-lf.jpg LNT - Universal laboratory and heat treatment kiln LNT [Tmax. 1320 °C]

    • universal kiln for heat treatment of various materials up to 1320°C • metal hardening, annealing, tempering • ceramics firing • glass colors firing • suitable for laboratories • heated from sidewalls, uniform temperature field more information »

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